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About Us

All 3 of our Company Founders have studied Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University. Our academic learnings brought us to create our tagline: Worldly ~ Sustainable ~ Humane.

As young professionals we analyze and reflect upon the ecological, economic, political, social, cultural and philosophical issues that influence modern agriculture.  We will make implementations to maximize sustainability and having efficiently working modules that we'll showcase to spread awareness.

We also take into account how diverse social and economic systems play into the business world.  We want to have a positive effect on human well-being, environments and socioeconomic equity throughout the globe.

Yes, we will be growing hemp once we obtain our Industrial Hemp License.



Jared Drake: CEO


Chance Clark: COO


Harrison King: President 


Close Associates:

Coleman Putnam: Farm Director

Coleman and his family own this 48 acre farm which is located outside of Charlotte in Shelby, NC.  We have planned for low-impact, biodiverse and organic farming.  We will implement the most renewable technologies and practices possible while we are growing as a business and farm co-op.

The different colored lines show our custom permaculture design for the farm.  Permaculture means we will be maintaining a healthy equilibrium in the on-site ecosystem which will allow the land and business to thrive beyond traditional limitations!  All our farming practices will be herbicide/pesticide free.

Call or Text Us: 1-828-282-8441