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Do you have loyalty rewards?

Of course!  At Hempire Innovations we have set-up a patrons rewards system where you can earn points that get you cash discounts.  Remember to make an account on our shopify store then sign in to Rewards💚.  Once you've done this you will start earning.  Make sure to log-in and use the same account on each website visit.  We strongly encourage our patrons to take advantage of the rewards!


What is the shipping system?

Hempire Innovations hands off packages to USPS Monday-Friday for non-gummy packages or Monday- Thursday for gummy-packages.  We want to ensure your gummy orders do not melt in transit.  We hand off packages to USPS within 1-2 business days of order submissions; approximate order arrival time is 2-4 days.  Website orders for shipment may be shipped same-day if placed before 3PM EST.  Check your email after your order for your tracking number.  

We appreciate support from our patrons; orders totaling $99.99 or greater are shipped at no cost to you!


Can I ask questions before placing an order?

Hempire Innovations is here to help you find the optimal solution for your hemp needs.  You have several options to get in contact with us!  

  1. Email: Contact@HempireInnovations.com
  2. Text: 9104095624 (mention Hempire Innovations in your question)
  3. Contact Form: Fill out our contact form to submit your request.
  4. Website Messenger: Click the "chat with us" tab on the right side of the website.  You can message us directly from there.
  5. Social Media: Instagram - @HempireInnovations, Twitter - @HempireInnovati, Tik Tok: @HempireInnovations


What is the payment system, will my financial information be secured?

At Hempire Innovations, we ensure our card transactions are safe, secure and confidential.  Square point of sale is the company processing our hemp-related transactions; they are one of the most highly regarded POS companies globally.  Your payment information will never be leaked or shared with anyone.  We are only able to see the transaction, we do not have access to complete card information.  Our payment gateway is SSL secured and 256bit encrypted.


How Do I Change, Cancel, Or Ask Questions About My Order?

Contact us through any of the above mentioned methods so we can help.


What Happens If There Are Issues With My Order?

We are very busy at Hempire Innovations since "hemp has never felt this good".  On the rare occasion that we have made a mistake with your order, please reach out to us as soon as possible.  If we have made a mistake, we will honorably make it right at no additional charge to you.  


How Do Returns Work?

The Hempire Innovations team takes several measures to optimize the success of shipments/deliveries.  If it is our fault that your order is not in acceptable condition, we guarantee we'll cover replacement.  We handle each return uniquely.   If you are making a claim, please provide picture and written details.