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About Us

All three of our company founders have studied Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University. Our academic learning inspired us to make our tagline: Worldly ~ Sustainable ~ Humane.
As young professionals we analyze and reflect upon the ecological, economic, political, social, cultural and philosophical issues that influence modern agriculture.  We implement strategies to maximize sustainability and utilize efficient working modules to showcase sustainable systems and spread awareness of their benefits.
We also take into account how diverse social and economic systems interact with the business world.  Our goal is to have a positive effect on the well-being of humankind and our environment  Within our business entity we want to reflect our progressive beliefs on socioeconomic equity throughout our company.
We have obtained our hemp license and are growing 288 plants in Watauga County North Carolina.  This is our rookie season; the strains we are growing are Stormy Daniels, Boax, Cherry Citrus and the Wife.
On the CBD dispensary side of things, we are still in the startup phase, creating our own brand in which we are working to package sustainably.  Our mission is to use as little plastic as possible.  Lastly, we are still deciding upon a charity in which to support once we are profitable.  Email us with any suitable suggestions.
Jared Drake: CEO
Chance Clark: COO
Harrison King: President