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What is CBD/Hemp?

The Cannabinoid that started it all!


CBD is short for Cannabidiol, this is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds that are found in the hemp plant.  Resilience and good health are common effects of the cannabinoids which are found in hemp.  Our CBD here at Hempire Innovations is safe and beneficial; despite the false stigma surrounding these types of products.  All of our hemp products contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, the legal limit. 
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  1. CBD will not make you high.  CBD is non-psychoactive, there is no associated euphoria.  CBD is even known to counteract the effects of THC which make you high (we do not sell marijuana).
  2. What are the differences between Hemp & Marijuana?  Although Hemp and Marijuana come from the same plant family, are genetically similar, and physically alike; there are distinct differences in their use.  While marijuana is used for medicinal relief or to get high, hemp can be used to make many products including: dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, paper, non-psychoactive smokables & more.

CBD has wonderful ways in which it works within the human body.  Our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) help regulate our bodies by optimally adapting to change.  The cell receptors within this system have influence eating, sleeping, relaxation and cognition along with recovery and repair.  Endocannabinoid receptors can be found in the human brain & spinal chord or immune cells & peripheral nervous system

Your Health & CBD

Although research is still ongoing, there are several medical studies that show a positive correlation regarding human and animal health between CBD and the ECS.  CBD is able to influence a majority of biological systems within the body.  Although we encourage CBD use and many people use CBD to address and maintain good health.  It is still smart to come to your own conclusion and to consult with healthcare providers  

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Everyone has a unique response to CBD

Dosage, frequency and length of use will influence your response to CBD.  Also your overall physical fitness, health and BMI will be a determining factors.  Some people notice immediate effects while it may take longer for others.  Do not feel wary to consult a medical provider on how CBD products could work for you.


CBD Interacting with RX Medication 

CBD can cause enzymes within the liver to activate which may effect the potency of medications; possibly making them stronger or weaker.  There is not yet any solid determination of how CBD influences the metabolism of  prescription and OTC medication.  If you are using medication that may be effected by CBD it is recommended to consult your prior to use.

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*Safety* - Depending on your tolerance, height/weight, bmi and overall health.  If you are not experienced with consuming cannabinoids, you need to be careful not to consume too much.  Be an informed consumer and educate yourself on the effects of cannabinoids before consumption.  You can always take more but you cannot take less.  If you do experience negative symptoms from overconsumption, make sure to be in a safe space and seek medical attention if necessary.  DO NOT consume too much.  Dosage is NOT a prescription, everyone reacts differently.  Keep out of reach from children.  This product is not illegal/immoral for minors; parental guidance recommended.  Non-smokable/vapeable CBD product is not illegal/immoral for minors; parental guidance recommended.