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What is THC-O

The Spiritual Cannabinoid

The Spiritual Cannabinoid

THC-O has quickly gained popularity for consumers who do not have access to legal cannabis.  THC-O is approximately 300% more potent than Delta 9 THC.  Experts state that THC-O can effect muscle coordination twice as much as conventional THC; so users need to "vibe" extra-responsibly,  Our THC-O Distillate is extracted by tried and true professionals.  We assure you that our THC-O is of formidable quality which produces "highly" sought after effects.

One of our 25mg THC-O gummies will have you floating.  We do not recommend taking more than one THC-O gummy per day.  THC-O consumers may experience introspection, spiritual ambiance & mild psychedelic effects

*Safety*Depending on your tolerance, height/weight, bmi and overall health.  If you are not experienced with consuming THC, a dose of our THC-O may be too much for you.  Be an informed consumer and educate yourself on the effects of THC-O before consumption.  You can always take more but you cannot take less.  If you do experience negative symptoms from overconsumption called: "Greening Out", make sure to be in a safe space and seek medical attention if necessary. It will take a while for "Greening Out" consumers to return to normal.  DO NOT consume too much.  Dosage per gummy is NOT a prescription, everyone reacts differently.  Do not operate heavy/dangerous machinery while under the influence of this product.  Keep out of reach from children and animals.  Strictly for ages 21 and up.