Terms of Service

This e-commerce website is operated by Hempire Innovations LLC. Throughout the site, the words “we”, “us” and “our” specifically concern Hempire Innovations LLCHempire Innovations LLC provides this website along with all information, tools and services usable from this website to you as the user.  Upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here you may navigate the website and make purchases.

In lieu of visiting our site and/or making a purchase from us, you enlist in our “Service”, agreeing to be compliant with the subsequent terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”), including all additional terms and conditions and policies referred to in this text and/or accessible through hyperlinks. All site users must abide by the Terms of Service, comprising of but not limited to: browsing the site as a user, merchants, patrons, brokers, and/or creators of content. Before accessing or using our website please make sure to read these Terms of Service deliberately.  You (the user) agree to be bound by these Terms of Service by accessing or using any/all parts of this ecommerce website. You may not access the website or use any services unless you are in full agreement to all the terms and conditions of the website. Acceptance is explicitly limited to these Terms of Service if these terms are mistaken as an offer. All newly added features and/or tools that may be applied to the current store are immediately contingent to the Terms of Service. The most current version of the Terms of Service will be continuously viewable on this page. It is our right to upgrade, revise or change any component of these Terms of Service and implement the revision on our website. The user holds the sole responsibility regularly review this page for any changes. By continuing to use and access the website, the user is automatically opting in for acceptance of all revisions. Our virtual store is hosted by Shopify Inc. They provide the online e-commerce platform that allows our products and services to be available to you.



By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you attest that you are at least the age of majority in your resident state or province.  Also affirming you are the age of majority in your resident state or province. Lastly you’ve given us full consent and amnesty to allow any of your minor dependents to utilize this site . You may not use our merchandise for any unlawful or unwarranted reason.  Additionally you cannot falter within the use of the service or disobey any laws for your jurisdiction (especially copyright laws). Transmission of any worms, viruses or any destructive form of code is not permitted. Encroachment of any and all Terms will result in prompt discontinuation of your Services.




We hold the right to decline anyone service at any time for any reason. You’re in acceptance that your info (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transportation over numerous networks; and (b) adjustments to fit and acclimate to specialized demands of connecting systems and/or gadgets. Card account information is always encrypted throughout network transfers.  Your payments are processed by Webinopoly Services. Your accounts are secured, yet we are not liable for your information and handling of said accounts. You agree not to recreate, emulate, portray, peddle, trade or manipulate any excerpt, operation or approach to the Service.  Any contact on the website to utilize service contributors is prohibited unless granted explicit drafted authorization by us. All segment headings are included for convenience of the user and do not restrict or affect these terms.




If information shared and made accessible on the website is not accurate, our company and associates are not responsible. Our site’s content is presented only for generic information and should not be depended on or become the ultimatum for decisions without further research.  We recommend examining primary, more authentic, more thorough and more up-to-date informational sources. Any dependency on the content of this site is taking on at your own risk.

Particular historical information may be present on this site. Historical information, necessarily, is not current and is provided for your reference only. We hold the right to change the site material at any time, yet we have no duty to keep the site updated. You are in agreement that you're responsible to monitor  any modifications to our site.



Our product pricing is likely to change, and will do so as we see fit.

At any time without any notice, we hold the right to modify and/or terminate the Service (for any portion and/or material).

Our company is not liable to you or to any third-party for any alterations, price adjustment, halting and/or termination of the Service.


SEGMENT 5 : PRODUCTS OR SERVICES (only if relevant)

Various products and/or services may only be available online through the ecommerce website. The aforementioned products or services may only be available in finite quantities and are eligible for exchanges and returns only in compliance with our Return Policy.

We do not guarantee that your computer monitor’s visual display will be accurate to any content on our site (including but not limited to the colors and images of our products that appear in the online store).

We hold the right, without obligation, to assert a cap on selling our products or Services to any individual, geographic zone or jurisdiction. We may execute this right on any case we deem fit. Regarding any product or service we provide, we hold the right to limit the use and quantity. At our discretion, any description or price is subject to change without notice at any time. At our discretion, we hold the right to discontinue any product at any time.  Any offer or purchase attempt by a user is restricted if our product are illegal where the user is located; our company shall not be held liable in case of fraud.

We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected.



We hold the right to decline any order you place with us. We’re allowed, in our exclusive discretion, to restrict or void volumes acquired per individual, per residence and/or per purchase. Regulations may include orders submitted through the same customer account, the same credit card, and/or orders that include the same shipping and/or billing address. Within the circumstance that we may cancel or change your order, we may alert you via reaching the e‑mail address and/or billing address/phone number documented at the moment when the order was created. Orders that have reasonable suspicion as to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors are able to be prohibited at our sole discretion. 

You concede to present up-to-date, outright and factual account and purchase information for all transactions made at our store. You concede to hastily update your account and all other information, including but not limited to your email address, credit card numbers and expiration dates.  This is necessary for us to accurately fulfill your purchases and remain in informative contact with you.

For further information reference our Returns Policy.



We may present you with opportunities to use third-party tools, hold any power or relationship with them, we only present what they provide.

You understand and agree that we present mentioned tools ”as is” and “as available” without any warranties, depictions or circumstances of any manner, without any backing. We shall have no liability whatsoever arising from or relating to your use of optional third-party tools. We hold absolutely zero liability for anything concurrent of or relating to your use of optional third-party tools 

Any engagement with optional tools presented by the site is completely at your own discretion and risk.  To be safe, make sure to understand the terms which are required by the third-party tool contributors.

It is possible that in the future we may present new features and/or services on the site (New resources and tools included).  These will also be compliant to these Terms of Service.



Material form third-parties may be included in our content, products and our Service.

Third-party links on this site may redirect you to websites of the third-parties that are not connected with our business. We are not accountable for inspecting or assessing any subject matter or certainty.  We don’t certify and will not have any obligation or risk for information or websites from third party materials. We do not hold any responsibility for any other third-party data, merchandise, and their services.

We shall not be held responsible for any wrongdoing or damages regarding the acquisitioning or usage of stock, means, content, subject-matter or any form of engagement with third-party websites and information . Before becoming involved in any interaction with third-party websites, review and comprehend their policies and practices carefully. We are not accountable for any problems or speculations arising from the use of third-party websites, information and services; only reach out to the third-party under these circumstances.



We hold the sole right to alter, replicate, disclose, present, decipher and in any other way utilize the content in any form with any information you dispatched to us.  Any request we have that allows you to send certain content to us or anything sent without a request (including but not limited to: original concepts, recommendations, propositions, strategies and any other content). The aforementioned rights apply to anything submitted on the internet, by electronic mail, by postal mail and any form of a comment or contribution.  We are not required to maintain, compensate and/or respond to any comments.

We hold the sole right, yet are not required to oversee, alter or discard any subject matter we deem to  be illegal, distasteful, attacking, derogatory, insulting, indecent, crude or in any way unacceptable. We are not liable for nor do we allow any content violating any parties intellectual property or terms of service 

You acknowledge that your commentary must not breach the third-party’s rights of any kind (including but not limited to privacy, identity, trademark, copyright or other rights of  privacy or ownership. Furthermore you continue to acknowledge that any of you commentary must not contain content which is derogatory and/or illegal, offensive and/or indecent, or any harmful content that in a way could negatively, adversely, or unwarrantedly affect the Service and all relevant websites.You must not engage in fraud by creating fake email addresses, posing as another individual, or deceiving us and/or any third-party regarding the source of all commentary.  Any commentary made must be accurate and you are individually responsible for them. No obligation or accountability is placed on us for any and all commentary submitted from you or a third-party.



Your submission of personal information through our ecommerce store is guided by our Privacy Policy. To view our Privacy Policy locate the “Quick Nav” section at the footer of the website.



Once in awhile data on our site or regarding the Service might contain errors of typing, defects or oversights which might relate to merchandise depictions, costs, advertising, offerances, shipping cost, shipment travel times and accessibility.  If any data of the Service or any relevant website is incorrect, whenever we deem fit we may adjust all errors, defects, or oversights, and the modification or revision of orders is our sole right. We may execute the aforementioned right with no preceding warning (this applies to orders that have already been transmitted).

We offer to guarantee to renew, revise or define data in the Service or found within any related websites (including but not limited to: cost data other than what is required in legal compliance). Revisions and refresh dates applied on any relevant website and/or  to our Service shall not be mistaken for all data on the Service or relevant websites having been changed and revised.



Including all other constraints mentioned in the Terms of Service, you acknowledge and are compliant with the fact that you are restricted from utilizing the site or its material: (a) for any illegal reason; (b) for trying to convince others to complete or engage in illegal acts; (c) to breach any international, federal, regional or state governance, decrees, statutes, or local mandates; (d) encroachment onto or breaching of our intellectual property claims or intellectual property claims of others; (e) to torment, mistreat, slander, damage, smear, discredit, threaten, or segregate regarding spirituality, religion, sexual preference, gender identity, age, disability, race, nationality, ethnicity, background; (f) to present any fake or deceptive data; (g) to submit or send virtual infections and all other types of harmful code which are designed for or may be weaponized to alter and/or affect the performance or systematics of the service along with all relevant website, irrelevant websites, or the internet in general; (h) to accumulate or record any personal data of other individuals/entities; (i) for any profane or corrupt objective; (k) to obstruct or evade any safety components of the Service or any relevant website, irrelevant websites, and/or the internet in general.  The discontinuation of you ability to use our Services or any relevant website is our sole right to cancel for breaching any of the Banned Uses.



Your use of the site does not ensure, suggest or uphold that our service will remain constant, prompt, protected or fault-free.

Conclusions that may be collected from the utilization of our service are not guaranteed to be dependable or factual.

You acknowledge every once in a while, without warning, we may exclude the service for undetermined durations or revoke the service at whatever time we deem fit.

You must be unmistakably in compliance that your utilization, or failure to use the service is your individual liability.  Everything the service provides and conveys to you via the service are ‘just as it is’ and subject to ‘quantity available’ (unless otherwise declared by us).  Everything the service provides does not include warranties or special circumstances of any kind whether or not indicated or hinted (this includes but is not limited to: warranties hinted upon, circumstances of marketability, quality of goods, assumed purpose of the product, endurability, name, and non-transgressions).

Hempire Innovations LLC and our associates are in no circumstance liable (including but not limited to our: administrators, managers, laborers, partners, suppliers, operatives, contractors, assistance providers, helpers,  licencors or volunteers) regarding and trauma, failure, allegation, or any immediate, collateral, deviated, disciplinary, individual, or substantial hardships of any type (including but not limited to: misplaced savings, misplaced data, misplaced profits, misplaced revenue, restoration charges, or any relevant accidents).  We continue to not be held liable in case of any pledge, shortcoming, disregard, or breach of your rigid culpability; this is all applicable to your utilization of any part of the service or any acquired merchandise (including but not limited to: all glitches or faults in any material, any accident or hardship of any type which was acquired in lieu of utilization of the service or any material or merchandise displayed, sent however else it may be accessible by the service (aforementioned terms remain valid although you have been informed of their risk).  Regardless of the state of governance (we are remaining in compliance of the law in relevant states and/or jurisdictions), our liability will be diminished to the furthest breadth allowed by law.



You agree your assurance to preserve and not hold us liable.  This includes all associates of Hempire Innovations LLC (including but not limited to licensors, employees, interns, agents, service providers, affiliates, parent companies, officers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, directors, partners, affiliates and subsidiaries).  All forementioned associates and us shall not be in the wrong regarding any feasible lawyer’s cost raised by any allegation or request as a result of your violation of these Terms of Service (including but not limited to all records of reference and/or your breaching of the rules and regulations of a third-party). 



Within the circumstance that any section within these Terms of Service is found to be illegal, meaningless or null; said section will be enforced as far as the law will allow.  Any unenforceable part of the terms will be removed from these Terms of Service and in case of this, the removal does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining section.



Previously stated accountability and duties of forementioned parties which were drafted before the date of termination will continue beyond the termination date of this agreement regarding all functions.

Unless discontinued by you or us, these Terms of Service remain valid . You may terminate these Terms of Service at any time by notifying us that you no longer wish to use our Services. These Terms of Service end when you permanently stop using our site.

These Terms of Service are discontinued by informing us that you will not be using our service anymore and ceasing to use the Service.

At our exclusive discretion to find that you have not been complying with even a single segment of these Terms of Service, it is our right to discontinue this understanding whenever we deem fit, without any prior notice. All remaining balances from the date leading up to and the date of discontinuance on the account or under your personal information will remain your obligation to pay.  We hold the right to restrict all of your access to any of our Services.



In case we fail to execute and prosecute any segment of these Terms of Service, there is no dismissal regarding the legitimacy of these Terms of Service.

All of the rules and guidelines within these Terms of Service establishes acknowledgment that we are in control of your utilization of the Service.  These Terms of Service overrule any pre-existing or current arrangements, conversations and propositions. This applies to anything spoken or drafted between us and you such as previous renditions of the Terms of Service.

We shall not be held responsible for any doubts or misunderstandings regarding these Terms of Service.



These Terms of Service and any other separate agreements with which we provide you Services shall be controlled by and defined in accordance with the rules of Hempire Innovations LLC, 139-2 Willow Creek Circle Vilas, NC 28692, United States.



We have the right to revise and change any component of these Terms of Service by renewing and/or reformatting any part of our website.  It is your individual obligation to review our website occasionally for updates. The application of any new updates to our Terms of Service validates acknowledgement and compliance with those changes. continued utilization and accessibility to our site and/or the Service provided.

with those changes. continued utilization and accessibility to our site and/or the Service provided