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At Hempire Innovations, we are a small owner operated legally hemp-derived dispensary.  As we grow, we'll indulge you with a plethora of excellent hemp creations.  Hempire Innovations is here to provide excellent service, satisfying products and pertinent hemp-industry education.  Join us on our journey to an eco-conscious, cannabis friendly future. It's our pleasure to serve your hemp needs; you wont regret it! (Picture shows our first and only hemp growing season. At that time we were licensed in NC to grow hemp, our plants passed!
Summer - 2020)

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| Legally Hemp derived dispensary |

Our legally hemp derived dispensary offers the utmost quality of hemp products for sale on the market.  Some of our most popular products have euphoric and psychoactive effects. Enjoy uplifting sensations with strong and vibrant THC-O.  Take it easy with our Delta 8 THC which acts gentler yet alike Delta 9 THC.  For our guests who prefer not to be high, we have beneficial options for you as well. Relieve yourself from everyday discomforts with our CBD Spectrum formulations.   Sooth your body with our CBD infused cosmetics as they absorb effortlessly through your skin.  Style and profile sustainably in our hemp fiber clothing & apparel (currently sold out - coming soon).  We stay on the cutting edge here at Hempire Innovations to bring our patrons the best hemp has to offer!

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