Navigating Greening Out. AKA Cannabis Overindulgence: 10 Essential Strategies

Navigating Greening Out. AKA Cannabis Overindulgence: 10 Essential Strategies

What is Greening Out?

In cannabis consumption, a phenomenon known as 'greening out' can occasionally occur; defined as an overindulgence in cannabis that leads to unpleasant effects such as nausea, dizziness, and a general sense of unease. You can green out from consuming too much marijuana, hemp,  Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, THC-P, CBC, and even from too much CBD. 


What are some common causes of overindulgence in cannabis?

  • Inaccurately gauging your tolerance 
  • Consuming more than your typical dose
  • Combining cannabis with other substances
  • Dehydration and under-eating
  • Sleep deprivation

Greening out can occur for new and experienced cannabis users. The more common causes checked off increases the likelihood of experiencing these symptoms.


Symptoms commonly associated with Greening Out

  • Complexion becoming pale 
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Loss or impairment of motor functions
  • Blurred vision
  • Inability to balance
  • Hearing impairment
  • Lack of focus
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Anxiety, paranoia, discomfort
  • Downspike in blood sugar
  • Heart rate increase
  • Nausea and vomiting


Ten handy strategies if you or someone else is experiencing a 'green-out.'

Understand What's Happening

Educate yourself about what 'greening out' really means. It's a temporary condition that stems from consuming too much cannabis, leading to a range of symptoms from mild discomfort to severe nausea.


Remain Calm

Stay calm and reassure yourself that these feelings are only temporary and will pass with time. Anxiety can often exacerbate the symptoms, so maintaining a composed demeanor is essential.


Find a Safe and Comfortable Spot

Ensure you are in a safe and comfortable environment. Find somewhere quiet to rest and allow the effects to pass.



Make sure to stay hydrated. Drinking water can ease feelings of discomfort and nausea.


Get Some Fresh Air

Stepping outside for some fresh air can do wonders. The cool, open space can help calm feelings of anxiety and discomfort.


Take Deep, Controlled Breaths

Deep breathing exercises can significantly help reduce feelings of panic or anxiety. Take slow, deep breaths, hold for a few seconds, and exhale slowly.


Eat Something

Having a light snack may counterbalance the effects of overconsumption. Try something rich in protein or complex carbohydrates.


Distract Yourself

Distracting your mind can help alleviate feelings of discomfort. Try listening to calming music, watching a show, or engaging in light conversation.


Take a Nap

If the situation allows, we encourage you to try to take a nap. Sleep can be an excellent way to allow your body to metabolize THC or cannabinoids and get you back to feeling normal.


Seek Medical Attention If Necessary

If symptoms persist or are severe, don't hesitate to seek professional medical help. While a 'green out' is usually non-threatening, erring on the side of caution may hurt your bank account but provide you with the safety of professional medical care. From our experiences, we haven't had any life-threatening situations, simply people who benefited from a saline iv and time to wait off the uncomfortable high.

Happy and safe cannabis use to all! Remember, the key to avoiding a green-out lies in consuming cannabis responsibly. Knowing your limits and pacing your consumption can significantly reduce the chances of such an experience.


Crucial steps to prevent Greening Out

Firstly, if you enjoy both cannabis and alcohol, it's advisable to partake in cannabis before consuming any alcohol. This approach allows you to gauge your intoxication levels and then carefully decide the amount of alcohol to imbibe, if any. It's worth noting that many, myself included, choose to forego alcohol entirely in favor of cannabis.

It's essential, to begin with a modest dosage when it comes to edibles. Monitor how you feel before deciding to consume more. By carefully measuring and keeping track of your intake, you can better manage the duration of the high. Remember, you can always have more if you wish to amplify the effects.

Avoiding peer pressure is also a vital aspect of responsible cannabis consumption. Avoid associating with those who urge you to consume beyond your comfort level is highly recommended. Since individual reactions to marijuana vary significantly, your recovery from a cannabis overindulgence could take much longer and potentially be more intense than your friends'. Cannabis, particularly potent strains, cannabinoids, or doses, should always be approached with respect and caution.

Now that you are more informed about the implications of greening out and how to navigate overconsumption, here's a final piece of friendly advice from your cannabis connoisseur: always avoid smoking or consuming edibles on an empty stomach. Trust that your stomach and anxiety levels will thank you for this precaution.

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