Our Sustainable Brand Efforts

There are a few steps we are taking to be a sustainable company

Although the CBD & Cannabis industry is a win for society, many processes within are environmentally detrimental.



One of the missions of the Hempire Innovations Brand is to bring more awareness to what is happening with climate change. We want to encourage behavioral change and societal support in support of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Adopting these principles will improve the health of people, animals, and the planet while reducing vulnerability to the consequences of neglect. Environmentalism is better for people, the world, and profit, whether short or long-term.



100% Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Jars, used for packaging the majority of our products. These containers help the environment by diverting ocean-bound plastic and removing plastic pollution from the ocean. 

Hempire Innovations | Sustainable Cannabis Brand | Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Packaging


30% Hemp Plastic, 70% PLA (corn-based polymer plastic) preroll tubes. Hemp plastic does not contaminate fish and is not toxic. While it is decomposing it does not produce carbon dioxide. PLA is more environmentally friendly than other forms of plastic. Its production uses 65% less energy and produces 68% less greenhouse gases. On top of that PLA can be composted commercially.

Hempire Innovations | Sustainable Cannabis Brand | Hemp Plastic Packaging



We want our patrons to recycle anything we give them that can be recycled. Many consumers must know the implications of throwing away disposables, carts, vapes, pods, and nicotine vapes. It is incredibly detrimental for these products to be introduced into the natural environment. It's time we are more conscious of product life cycles and their sustainability.


Carbon Neutrality:

In December 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted by the world. Countries agreed not to allow the global temperature to rise above 1.5°C or 34.7°F. The world needs to get to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and actively remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We have activated an application program on our store called Planet by Shopify. The app automatically calculates shipping and delivery emissions and then neutralizes our footprint by removing atmospheric carbon. We chose the highest impact millennium plan, including ocean-based removal and direct air capture. These solutions sequester carbon for 1000+ years. 

Running Tide: restores and accelerates natural carbon sinks. Moves carbon from fast cycle to low cycle. She is transporting from the upper layer of the ocean to the bottom.


 Remora: compact modular carbon capture. There are two million semi trucks on the road, and 250,000 new semis are made yearly. Imagine one being installed on every car; we could capture millions of tons of CO2 annually and sequester it permanently.



Heirloom:10 Billions tons of C02 need to be removed from the atmosphere yearly. 2 Trillion tons of CO2 are in the air currently. Direct air capture takes the air out of the air with engineered minerals that efficiently soak up CO2. They are using rocks and steel to pull carbon out of the air.



Planetary: adding alkalinity/anti-acids to the ocean, which converts CO2 to stable carbonates and bicarbonates within seawater chemistry. They use the waste from mining operations to catalyze the process.



Charm: taking the world back to 280ppm CO2 through bio-oil sequestration. Take CO2 captured in plants, convert it into liquid bio-oil, then inject it deep underground.