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Wildfire Blend: Delta 9 + THC-P & Minor Cannabinoids

The strongest Delta 8 Blend Gummies in North Carolina



At Hempire Innovations, our Wildfire Blend Gummies are among our most potent blends. Our handcrafted gummies pack a powerful punch, made with THCP and Delta 9 distillate for a next-level THC-driven high. We've maximized absorption by using a mix of organic MCT oil and sunflower lecithin, helping your body take in the cannabinoids quickly and easily.


Product Effects:

When you take our Wildfire Blend, you will feel extremely high. You will certainly be feeling a solid euphoria similar to classic THC.

  • Yes, these can get you "high."
  • THC-P is 3000% more potent than conventional Delta 9 THC
  • Those with lower THC tolerances will experience more potent effects. 
  • Consumers with developed THC tolerance may want to ingest higher dosages for strong effects.


Product Details:

  • Legally Hemp Derived.
  • 14mg Total; 4mg THC-P + 10mg Delta 9 + Minor Cannabinoids
  • Pectin Gummies: coated in semi-sour sugar, vegan-friendly and melt-resistant. 
  • Flavored naturally with our terpene blend.
  • Color and flavor are subject to change.



THC-P Distillate, Sugar, Pectin, Water, Corn Syrup, Stevia Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Terpenes, Sunflower Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1


    Usage Instructions:

    Start by eating one half to a full gummy. Expect to wait 40 minutes to feel effects, but will not fully activate until 2-4 hours in. Please wait at least 4 hours before eating another gummy to gauge its effects! Those with lower tolerances will experience more potent effects.  Taking more than one gummy may lead to lingering effects the next day.


    Shipping Details:

      • Pectin Gummies: You only need to choose the insulated/cooled shipping option for pectin gummies if you plan on shipping them with gelatin gummies.



      Depending on your tolerance, height/weight, BMI, and overall health.  If you are not experienced with consuming THC, a dose of our Ozone blend may be too much for you.  Be an informed consumer and educate yourself on the effects of Delta 8, THC-O, Nano THC-O, HHC, Delta 9 & THC-P before consumption. You can always take more, but you cannot take less. If you experience adverse symptoms from overconsumption called: "Greening Out," be in a safe space and seek medical attention if necessary. It will take a while for "Greening Out" consumers to return to normal.  DO NOT consume too much.  Dosage per gummy is NOT a prescription; everyone reacts differently. 

      Do not operate heavy/dangerous machinery while under the influence of this product.  Keep out of reach from children and animals, strictly for ages 21 and up.